Direct Drive (VCD Series)
Direct Drive Centrifugal Fans
Forward Curved Blades, Direct Drive - VCD Series

The VCD Series are suitable for general and OEM ventilation application.
They can be used for extracting or supplying such as industrial kitchen extract.
Airflow performances ranges from 1,800m3/h up to 9,000 m3/h

The VCD housings are manufactured from high quality galvanized steel sheet.
The VCD series incorporate forward curved impellers made from galvanized steel sheet coupled directly to shaft of the motor and dynamically balanced.
These fans are using asynchronous induction motors with a squirrel cage rotor in die cast aluminum as standard.
The electrical supply applies 3 phase 380V / 50Hz.
All VCD series are available in 6 and 4 poles motor speedDownload PDF