Exhaust Fan In-Out
Domestic Wall Mounted Fans
wall or window ventilating fans - VPD series

The VPD series for gegeral exhaust ventilation, the unit should always be placed as high possible in the window or wall as far as possible doors. A diversion of the air flow should be always avoided by locating the unit as far away as possible from, and diagonally opposite, the main source of air replacement.
The VPD series are suitable for the living room, bedroom, child's room, and dining room,and suitable for commercial applications such as in restaurants, shops, offices, hotels and schools.

Function and features
VPD series offer the following functions :
- discharges smoke and dirty air from a room, and draws in fresh air to provide more oxygen
- Removes efficiently dust and soot which could settle on walls and furniture
- quickly removes humidity from the bathroom, thus preventing corrosion of the building.
- quickly removes bad odors which tend to linger in the kitchen and toilet
- removes state unpleasant hot air and replaces it with cool air from outside, thus helping to maintain a pleasant indoor environment.

VPD series offer the following advantages to the unit manufacturer :
- The VPD series incorcoprate from super quality ABS engineering plastics
- five blades configuration creates larger air volume than the normal six blades design
- High precision balanced electric motor made of high performance matrials ensures low noise, low power consumption and long operation life.
- durable motor with inner fuse protection.Download PDF