Direct Axial Flow Fan
- design for installation in ducted ventilation such as General ventilation of commercial and industrial sites, warehouse and storage ventilation, car parks and ...more
Galvanized Axial Flow Fan
- Designed to extract high temperature air or smoke
- Available in sizes 315 up to 1600mm
- The casings are manufactured high ...more
Man Cooler Axial Flow Fan
- suitable for many commercial and industrial application including : ventilation and cooling of the work place office etc ; Point cooling of ...more
Marine Axial Flow Fan
- Designed for supply or exhaust duty, these deck units are of robust construction, made to withstand the marine environment

- Water ...more
Performance Curve for Axial Fan
The industrial blower consists of special multi-hole fiber paper wet curtain, water circulatory system and axial flow blower. The wet curtain and ...more
Pulley Axial Flow Fan
- Suitable for many special industrial applications such as paint cabin extract ventilation and extract of hot gases up to 150 degrees celcius ...more
Roof Mounted Axial Flow Fan
- Suitable for many roof extract or supply ventilation applications including : commercial office shopping malls, leisure facilities kitchens and agricultural building ventilationmore
Vanco Axial Low Noise Fan - Vanco Axial Flow Blower
Blower ini memiliki casing yang dibuat dari lembaran baja yang telah disesuaikan(powder coating atau cat anti korosi dan berbagai lukisan warna yang tersedia) ...more